What to do when you are feeling anxious and have no one around

On different occasions in your life, just like everyone else you too might have got nervous and sometimes, have even felt anxiety that could keep you on toes. While the scenarios might differ, the underlying feeling of restlessness and panic remains the same. 

At times, anxiety happens for some reason such as disturbances in personal or professional life, but for a lot of people, it happens for no reason, which makes them even more worried about it.

Talking to someone, while feeling anxious could help you feel better in many ways, especially as it lets you acknowledge the anxious thoughts and venting it out, while you can also distract yourself by talking about things on a lighter note to simply relax.

Feeling anxious could make you restless without doing anything. On top of it, when you are lonely and there’s no one around anxiety feels even worse. This is the time when you should follow the tricks given below to curb your anxiety levels:

1. Engage yourself by doing something

The best way to beat anxiety is by keeping yourself occupied as it diverts your mind from the loop of overthinking and helps you feel better. Try picking up easy mundane tasks like dusting, arranging the shelf, folding clothes, doing dishes, or any other chore that helps you get control of yourself, keeping you away from overthinking. It helps you relax a bit mentally, at the same time, you get physically active by setting your body in motion.

2. Don’t snack on junk food

Anxiety brings hunger pangs with it and often tempts you into mindless eating which can affect your body negatively. People generally tend to munch on ice creams, candies, chips, wafers, or cheese-filled pizzas when they feel anxious. It is important that you choose your snacks wisely, to make sure your body feels easy and relaxed. 

Try eating cucumber and carrot salad, drink loads of water, or you can add some mint and squeeze some lemon juice into it to make it more refreshing, but make sure you avoid eating items with high sugar, caffeine, and fat contents.

3. Try to meditate

Easy breathing exercises play an important role in relaxing an anxious mind and making it calm. Start with slow and deep breaths one at a time, relax and let go of all your worries, live in the moment. Inhale deeply through your nose, hold the breath for some time (few seconds) and exhale slowly through your mouth. 

4. Indulge in self-care activities

Self-care is the best to get rid of unwanted thoughts that lead to anxiety. Go for a stroll in a park, play with children, soak your feet in nice warm water, diffuse some lavender essential oil, read a book, or simply watch some funny videos. It is the best way to show self-love and feel good about yourself. It helps you reduce stress and anxiety.

5. Talk to someone

Call a friend or family member and talk to them. Having a heart-to-heart conversation helps you ease by saying your thoughts and figuring it out, what bothers you the most. Talking to friends or family over a quick call, clear out the coherence of thoughts that overwhelm you otherwise. They might also console you or help you find apt solutions to your problems, letting you not only discover but curb the issues that lead to anxiety.

Fighting anxiety is not that difficult after all, just a bit of self-love and courage can help you overcome the deadliest of anxieties. To make sure you heal and become calm, you can also opt for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that could help you channel the inner positivity towards a better lifestyle through professional assistance.


One thought on “What to do when you are feeling anxious and have no one around

  1. I became very attached to it while reading this, I am grateful to you for the described problems and solutions also related to what is going on right now. Keep it up my best wishes with you…


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