What life lessons shall we learn from the Covid19 Pandemic

Wherever you see these days it’s the Covid19 that is featured everywhere, be it the news channels across the globe, social media or the drawing room discussions in the family. In the last few decades, there hasn’t been a thing that has shaken the whole world alike and so.

The battle against the monstrous Covid19 is still on and seems to go on for weeks to come as we humans are struggling for our well being throughout the world, in different capacities. But, in this crucial time, there are a few lessons that are taught to the entire human race. It is high time that we contemplate on these, as we sit down in our homes doing nothing, hoping for this disaster to leave the coasts of our lives soon.

1. Death has no status, race or religion

One of the toughest lessons to learn from this pandemic is that Death is beyond gender, caste, race, creed, religion, social and financial status. It strikes everyone alike. It is time that we understand if death doesn’t discriminate why should we? Every life is important and we should respect each one of them.

This tells us how we all are equally vulnerable and how much it is important for all of us to come together from all walks of lives, across the boundaries of nations to fight together and win over the biggest enemy of mankind today with our sensibilities.

2. Money can’t buy everything

Money is important to lead a comfortable life, even a luxurious one, but when it comes to bare survival, money doesn’t have the power to buy everything. Had this been the case, the first world countries wouldn’t have been suffering. 

It is high time that we start giving due importance to intangible joys of life, like emotions, togetherness, and peace over the materialistic ones that are short-lived. It is time that we understand why we should not sacrifice the simple joys of a peaceful life running behind money.

3. Family bonds are important

In today’s time, we all are so busy with our tight schedules that we do not have enough time to spend with our loved ones. Life is short and it is important to bond with the family members, sit with them, talk to them, understand them, share thoughts and feelings. 

Because in our hustles of modern lives, we unknowingly ignore our family members, which strain our relationships and create voids in our lives. Gone are the days when families used to sit together and spend time together for hours.

Family bonding makes life simpler and merrier!

4. We don’t need a lot to live a peaceful life

In these days of lockdown, one thing which has become evident, that we do not need a lot of things in life to lead a happy life. Here comes the idea of minimalism, “Less is more”. During these days of staying at home, one can witness how a limited number of things could just be enough to be happy.

Hoarding more and more things eventually brings distress and often people fall into the never-ending loop of greed, materialism, and subsequent anxiety. One can just have enough to lead a simple and sustainable life, the key to true happiness and peace.

5. Hygiene should be a crucial part of life 

Corona has taught us the lesson to maintain hygiene no matter what. Often in daily lives, we tend to overlook hygiene and do not practice it hard and fast. Fortunately for a few people, who have it in regular practice, maintaining it in these difficult times comes effortless, but for people, who are still making it a part and parcel of their lives, hygiene might be a lesson they would learn for their lives.

Simple activities like hand washing, sanitizing, keeping outside footwear away, etc. can make life better in many ways both in terms of hygiene and bringing positivity. 

6. Together we can make miracles happen

As an individual, we can make efforts, but when these efforts collaborate, it can move mountains. In our collective fight against COVID19, as we all follow the guidelines, we can together as mankind could defeat this pandemic. But, what is required from all of us is teamwork, as some of us are out to serve mankind, let others be at home and follow social distancing to ensure the safety of ourselves and others. 

In our fight against Covid19 we all are together in it, helping each other beyond the boundaries of society, class, and nations, giving each other hope will cause a ripple effect that would make miracles happen.

7. All we need is a little compassion in life

A little compassion and kindness won’t hurt. Take some time out to appreciate people who are out there serving us relentlessly by risking their lives to save ours. Help those in need, share food/ration with those who can’t avail it, feed stray animals, and financially assist those who depend on you. These little acts of compassion will make these tough times a little less difficult as we all wait for it to pass.

8. We need to slow down a bit

In our fast-paced lives, we have missed numerous little joys of life. It is time that we rekindle them. Lockdown gives us ample time to reflect and contemplate. Let’s slow down a bit, inhale the fresh air, listen to the sounds of nature, love ourselves, talk to our dear ones, read a book you’ve always wanted to, cook up a meal, indulge in self-care, meditate, pray, and most importantly: “Live in the moment”.

9. Human greed is the biggest enemy of nature

Our never-ending greed as humans to get everything in life has got us here, bitter but true. It is high time we realize how dangerous our greed could be for the entire planet, and the amount of destruction it brings. We all are paying the price of coming in nature’s way and damaging it. 

Let us not forget, nature has given us everything that could fulfill our needs, but we have exploited it to fulfill our desires by hook or by crook. It’s time now that we reflect and make our lives simpler to coexist with nature and its beings, for living a more fulfilling life.

With these lessons learned from the tough time we all are facing globally, we should practice these in our lives, as we resume towards normalcy post the pandemic to ensure that we don’t go back in the same direction that has led us to this point, where the entire humanity is suffering. 


2 thoughts on “What life lessons shall we learn from the Covid19 Pandemic

  1. Very well, the mind felt very relieved in reading this, just as it has all the side effects of this epidemic and ways to avoid them, everyone should pay attention to it. Congratulations, Keep it up…

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